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Satellite Receivers
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Satellite TV 4 Boats has tested and used the full range of VAST Free to Air Receivers on the market today, and have settled on the following brands and models. We feel they offer the most featured and are suited for us on boats of all sizes.

SatKing - PVR

We have sold hundreds of this receiver, and have experienced no problems at all.  It is the standard model we now sell.  It offers a compact size, true 12vdc/240vac operation, IR Remote Extension, and low power usage. which are all so important on a boat. 

With true 12vdc operation, it is now possible to have a full 12vdc system on board, no need for an inverter or genset.

The IR Remote Extension allows the Satellite Receiver to be hidden away in a cupboard away from view, and a dry place, a another very important feature in a boat.

An optional USB Memory Stick or External 1GB Hard Disk Drive allows full PVR features. 

Main Features:


High definition MPEG-4 - Full HD Resolution and Audio when available
l True 12vdc and 240vac Operation - 11.6v to 14.7vdc
l Compact Size 220mm x 180mm x 47mm
l USB PVR Ready as Standard - Just add a USB Memory Stick or Hard Drive - Time Shift with PVR
l IR Remote Extension as Standard - Hide the Receiver in a cupboard out of sight
l Loop Thru Satellite Antenna Cable - Enables multiple Satellite Receivers on the one RG6 Cable
l RF Modulator - for playing thru a TV Channel
l HDMI, AV and Component Outputs at the same time
l Digital and Dolby Audio
l 8 Day Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
l Low Power Consumption

Images at right from top to bottom - SatKing Satellite Receiver, Remote Control, IR Extension, Optional USB Hard Disk Drive for PVR

Altech UEC - Multi Channel PVR

The Altech UEC PVR is a value engineered Dual Channel High Definition Personal Video Recorder utilising a 2.5 hard drive which makes it a very compact recording device. Based on the STi7105 (Mpeg2/4) high speed processor, the Satellite Receiver can process 3 streams simultaneously allowing recording of two channels while watching another, and has multiple video and audio outputs operating at the same time to cater for most installation situations.

Main Features:


Simultaneous 2 Channel recording playback of a recorded file from the Hard Drive
l Simultaneous 2 Channel recording playback and watch third live
l Episode Chain Recording
l 3 Recording Modes - Manual, Timer and EPG
l Chase Play - watch a recoding fro the start while still recording
l Pause Live TV
l HDMI, AV and Component Outputs
l 500GB internal HDD - up to 400 Hours of Recording
l HD Resolution - 1080p
l 8 Day Electronic Program Guide



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Last modified: 01/29/17